Vu Quang Trung

Vu Quang Trung has been working diligently as a music producer, pianist, composer, and orchestrator for over 20 years. He also has been focusing on teaching and influencing music to the younger generations.

Taylor Dexter

Taylor is a professional drummer/guitarist, music educator and producer/songwriter based in the Los Angeles area. He holds an AA degree from the world renowned drum program at Musicians Institute where he immersed himself in intense drum set and percussion studies, music theory and music business courses.

Anna Mendoza

Anna from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. In 1979 she graduates Bachelor piano in The Saratov College. Anna studies were in both teaching piano and accompaniment.

Klimentiy Kats

Klimentiy Kats’s teaching career began in his native city of Tbilisi, Georgia in the former USSR, where he was the violin teacher at the “Tbilisi School of Arts”.

Scott Grady

Scott Grady is a composer and guitarist from Fullerton California. After earning a B.A. in music from the University of Rio Grande, he attended California State University Fullerton where he completed a master’s degree in music composition and theory.

Marina Davenport

Marina Davenport, piano instructor. She graduated from conservatory in Russian. Has more than 20 year experience in teaching.

Irina Grebnieva

Irina Grebnieva has over 20 years experience in teaching music in various settings. Ability to teach piano, vocal, theory privately or groups setting.

Rita Noviyev

Rita Noviyev has extensive knowledge of music instruction including 25 years of piano teaching experience.

Thao Nguyen

EDUCATION 1988-1996: High school at Conservatory of music Saigon. 1996-2000: University at Conservatory of music Saigon. 2003-2006: Master of Fine Arts at Conservatory of music Saigon.

Paul Murphy

Studio and Live Musician, Audio Engineering Society Member, Certified Instructor with the State Of California for Recording Arts and Technology. Educated at DePaul University in downtown Chicago receiving a Bachelors of Arts Degree with additional studies in piano, vocals, and drums from the prestigious American Conservatory of Music in Chicago.

Huong Luong

Mrs. Huong Luong has been practice, play, and teaching piano for many years. Over the year of teaching piano in classical and pop music. One of the important thing to her is the more understand the student, the quicker to help the student' better result

Kristen Le Cong

Kristen has been singing and teaching vocal for many years. Kristen is working on vocal technique, song styles such as pop, rock or R&B. The very important is to help the student create a good practice routine daily.