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    We are offering 1-On-1, groups music lessons Online and In-Studio. Pick the right program for you. Weekly classes, Monthly classes, or Special classes!

    Weekly Classes

    Are you a busy or travel person? could not commit to a monthly lesson and looking for a flexible schedule for your music lessons?

    This is the solution for you. You can buy your lesson credit and schedule it weekly with us. Enjoy your holiday and never lose your music lesson.

    Monthly Classes

    You are looking for consistent music lessons? This is the best option for students able to commit their time each week and month to music lessons. 

    The practice routine is the key to your success. Teachers and students are better to understand each other after each week practice

    Special Classes

    If you are looking for a special music class which is a teacher will create a special music program for you, for your needs.

    You can request the teacher exactly what do you want to learn, such as a favorite song, jazz, Pop solo, or a piano accompaniment

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    Weekly Classes

    Flexible Your schedule

    $ 36.00 Week
    • 1-On-1 from 30 - 60 minutes
    • Piano - Guitar - Violin - Drums - Theory
    • All styles Pop, Jazz, Classical
    • Your own time & schedule
    • Never miss your lesson when holiday
    • No contract, no commitment

    Monthly Classes

    Fixed your schedule

    $ 132.00 / Month
    • 1-On-1 from 30 - 60 minutes
    • Piano - Guitar - Violin - Drums - Theory
    • All styles Pop, Jazz, Classical
    • Weekly fixed schedule lesson
    • MTAC programs as your requested
    • FREE Access Online Makeup Lessons

    Special Classes

    Your own music program

    $ 157.00 / Special
    • 1-On-1 from 30 - 60 minutes
    • Piano - Guitar - Violin - Drums - Theory
    • All styles Pop, Jazz, Classical
    • Learn what do you want to play
    • Available Online & In-Studio Lessons
    • Perfect choice for teen & adult students

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    What Our Students Have to Say


    My son has been taking violin and piano lessons at VQT for three years. His mom and I have watched his musical skill develop and improve year by year. The teachers are professional musicians themselves and are very skilled and patient in their teaching. The management is very competent and allows some flexibility in the scheduling of classes. Even make-up lessons for missed lessons are available. We are are very pleased with the school overall.
    Dietrick Kanzler
    From California
    I've been coming to VQT Academy for about a year now and I have to say that this is the best music academy out there. I live in the valley in Los Angeles (over an hour away from this school) but I make the drive every week for lessons...Learning and I'm very enjoy my music lesson
    May Nguyen
    From L.A
    I had four children learning music. In the past ten years, we’ve been tried almost every music school in O.C. In my personal opinion, I think V.Q.T. Academy is the best. Their management is so professional, their staff members are very educated. It’s a trustworthy place to send your children to learn music in V.Q.T. Academy. My four children studying over there for more than four years and we plan to stay many more years to come
    Conrad Thuy
    From Huntington Beach
    I want to rate VQT a 6 stars plus, if it's ever available. I am an adult who wants to continue learning piano for my own enjoyment and to fulfill my desire. I improved so much on playing modern music within such a short time. I am so happy that I have found VQT music school.
    Jayden Do
    From California
    I've been here for almost five years! I can say that I enjoyed it. The teachers I've worked with are professional and they actually teach me well. My piano and vocal skills have improved (and I've only been taking vocals for a year). Oh my god, before I could barely play a song and now I can play more songs than I thought possible...
    Ana Luong
    From California
    I'm a student here and I can say that the environment is absolutely amazing! The teachers are very welcoming and each time you leave your lesson, you learn something new! I would highly recommend this place for anybody who is looking forward to learning how to play the piano, guitar, etc...
    Thang L
    From Westminster

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