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  • Classes should be one - on - one or groups lessons, range from 30 to 60 min once a week.
  • You will learn Techniques, Reading, how to play a Repertoire and Music Theory.
  • VQT Music is organized level test for every student of each year on March
  • Recital on October every year
  • MTAC Certificate of California on February yearly

Private Lessons

VQT Music is providing private lessons for Piano, Guitar, Drums, Violin, Vocal.

Private lessons at the Academy range from 30-minutes to an hour and are 100% focused on the student. Our instructors work one-on-one with each student providing them with the personalized attention they need to succeed


Group Lessons

Groups lessons for violin, guitar or band class. It is perfect choice for student at young ages like 4 or 5 years old or teenager loved to join in a band and play together

When students study together in a group setting it is not unheard of for them get together and practice or work on challenging tasks outside their normal lesson time or practice time. This can help to increase the success rate for students who learn well in a group environment.


Online Courses

This is a perfect solution for a student who is not stable their schedule. Student picks the course they want, practice anytime, anywhere with their laptop or tablet. Student able to review with the teacher once a month for each course.


Online 1- On - 1

$ 128

Per Month
  •  Learning Music Lessons one on one with teacher on your ipad, or computer any where.
  •  With multicam set up will help you easy to see and follow the teacher instructions
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Online Groups Lessons

From $ 15

Per Course
  •  Learn music you love anywhere, anytime. Learn at your own pace, around your schedule.
  • Music Theory Class, Any Style of Pop, Classical, Jazz & blues, for Piano and Guitar
  • Once a week schedule to lesson with your teacher
  • Be an active member of our online community. All you need is a reliable internet connection
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In The StudioRecommended

From $ 128

Per Month
  •  One-on-one lessons providing them with the personalized attention they need to succeed.
  •  Ones a week range from 30 min to 60 min
  • Routine practice is technique, music theory, learn to play repertoire
  • Any style: classical, pop or jazz
  • Student do level test of each year
  • Recital organized yearly
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VQT Music Academys school directors are very honest and run a very efficient and professional academy.

Tory Tran

I had four children learning music. In the past ten years, we’ve been tried almost every music school in O.C. In my personal opinion, I think V.Q.T. Academy is the best. Their management is so professional, their staff members are very educated. It’s a trustworthy place to send your children to learn music in V.Q.T. Academy. My four children studying over there for more than four years and we plan to stay many more years to come

Conrad Thuy

VQT allows students to learn how to play music, by preference or guidance. Its music classes also come with a chance to learn music theory, an important component in playing music on an instrument

Kimberly Tran

Great and amazing place to learn! Totally worth it! Lots of great and nice people and teachers! I highly recommend coming here! you will learn a lot!

Andrew Le

This place is a very great place, with great teachers and an awesome manager. In these past four years, my knowledge about the different styles of the piano has expanded. You also get to interact with other kids by being in the band, which is very fun and you get to play current pop music with kids your age. I would recommend this place to anyone wanting to learn how to play an instrument


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