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Easy Piano Course 2 | By Vu Quang Trung

By July 22, 2017 No Comments
Easy Piano Course 2

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In this course is the next step of Easy Piano Course 1.

This course is designed for who did play or practice the piano or completed the Easy Piano Course 1 and wanted to bring your piano skill into the next level. More than 10 lessons will expand all of the matter based on “Easy Piano Course 1” to create a good practice routine for you.  End of this course student able to:

  • Understand theory such as half, whole step, tetrachord system, sharp, flat and accidentals & key signature
  • Practice five-finger pattern in 12 major keys with music backing track
  • Learn the fingering system in piano white keys
  • Learn the triad chord inversion, common tone note
  • Practice to improve your sight reading skills
  • Learn to play song ” All My Love ” by Beatle