Easy Piano Course 1 | By Vu Quang Trung


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    Product Description

    Over the year of teaching piano, composition, and music theory. Most of the question from the student is when will I play that song? how could I improve my techniques? how do I read music faster and so on? Very comment mistake from the student is trying to short cut the way when practice and missing the fundamental of technique and music theory. A lot of them are struggling on rhythm, the sound is not smooth when run, bad habit fingering, could not read and play or don’t understand chord structure…

    This course is designed for who never play piano or just started to play piano and wanted to learn and play sound like a pro. More than 10 lessons will explain clearly step by step to help you practice and play piano like a pro. End of this course student able to:

    • Understand basic music theory, read and play
    • Know how to practice step by step to improve your technique
    • Learn the rhythm
    • Practice with music backing track
    • Learn to play a simple repertoire