Faculty Staff

Meet Our Teachers

Vu Quang Trung

Music Director

Vu Quang Trung has been working diligently as a music producer, pianist, composer, and orchestrator for over 25 years. He also has been focusing on teaching and influencing music to the younger generations. In 2003 Trung earned his Master’s degree in Music as one of the top graduates at the same institution.
Besides teaching Composition & Contemporary Piano, Trung spent an extensive amount of time to research in Jazz. Trung has been work as a music producer, arrangement, songwriter, and pianist in California, USA. Now he is a founder of VQT Music Academy in California, USA.

Irina Grebnieva

Piano Instructor

Irina Grebnieva graduated master degree in Ukraine. She has over 30 years of experience in teaching music in various different style. She's lessons to help the student learn to improve the techniques, music theory and performance. Many of her students have success in the piano competition at California

Marina Davenport

Piano Instructor

Marina Davenport graduated bachelor degree music in Russia. She has more than 25 years of experience in teaching. Her youngest student from age of 4. Marina teaching Classical and pop music. On her lesson's routine to help the student from techniques to performance and music theory. She also experienced in many years to help student success the piano test of California Certificate of Merit

Klimentiy Kats

Violin Instructor

Klimentiy Kats’s teaching career began in his native city of Tbilisi, Georgia in the former USSR, where he was the violin teacher at the “Tbilisi School of Arts”.

Scott Grady

Guitar & Theory Instructor

Scott Grady is a composer and guitarist from Fullerton California. After earning a B.A. in music from the University of Rio Grande, he attended California State University Fullerton where he completed a master’s degree in music composition and theory.

Gary Wing

Drums Instructor

Gary Wing playing drums for more than 30 years. He is influenced by Jazz, Pop, and Rock. He loves to share his experience with his student, helping the student how to apply techniques into the music styles. Gary is create the practice routine from techniques, reading and song practice with music backing tracks

Eric Derwallis

Drums & Band Instructor

Eric studied the piano during his elementary school years and later switched his major focus to the drums, further broadening his percussion experience
After many monumental shows in his life, Eric fell in love and found a real passion for performing. Once crafting his style, pocket and stage presence through numerous camps and a performing arts magnet school, he eventually set his ultimate goal on being accepted into Berklee College of Music as a drum performance major.

Rita Noviyev

Piano Instructor

Rita Noviyev has extensive knowledge of music instruction including 25 years of piano teaching experience.

Thao Nguyen

Guitar Instructor

EDUCATION 1988-1996: High school at Conservatory of music Saigon. 1996-2000: University at Conservatory of music Saigon. 2003-2006: Master of Fine Arts at Conservatory of music Saigon.

Duong Thu Giang

Cello Instructor

In 2006 graduate the bachelor degree in performance in Cello at Vietnam National Academy of Music and to perform with many concert of the Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra
In 2009 Giang completed the master degree in music. Giang become a teacher at the Vietnam National Academy of Music at young age. Giang is teaching the Cello, and help a lot of young talented student to archived their goals.
In 2010, Giang successful advanced performance cello courses at the Boyer College of Music, Temple university,Philadelphia,USA.
Giang works as the first Cello of the Vietnam Opera & Ballet Orchestra

Hoang Thu Le

Violin Instructor

Thu Le graduate the bachelor degree at the United Nations International School of Hanoi 1994
In 1994 - 1997 Le is a member of Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra
In 1999 and present is a member of Vietnam Opera & Ballet Orchestra
Thu Le had taught private music lessons for over ten years for all levels and ages

Le Thu Huong

Flute Instructor

She has performed hundreds of concerts in Vietnam and at international music festivals in Japan, France, Germany, the United States, England, Denmark, and Sweden.
As an educator, The former UNIS Music Academy’s leader – professor Elizabeth Druitt claimed Ms.Le as a “very patient, experienced teacher and have a great understanding with students, especially with the young ones”.
Huong Le has achieved several awards including the first prize in the American Protégé International Woodwinds & Brass Competition 2019, and many...

Son Pham

Piano Instructor

Teaching in classical and pop music for over 15 years. Son studies the piano since very young aged in Sai Gon Music conservatory. She experienced teaching for beginner young kids to advanced level.

Huong Luong

Piano Instructor

Mrs. Huong Luong has been practice, play, and teaching piano for many years. Over the year of teaching piano in classical and pop music. One of the important thing to her is the more understand the student, the quicker to help the student' better result

Kristen Le Cong

Vocal Instructor

Kristen has been singing and teaching vocal for many years. Kristen is working on vocal technique, song styles such as pop, rock or R&B. The very important is to help the student create a good practice routine daily.